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Eco Atlantic leverages on Azinam’s expertise

Eco Atlantic Oil and Gas recently completed a 2D survey on its Guy Block, off the coast of Namibia. Work done to date by Eco Atlantic includes a 3D seismic survey done on its Cooper Block  in November 2014. Surveying on the Guy Block started on 17 November 2014. Commenting on the completion of the survey, Collin Kinley, Chief Operating Officer at Eco Atlanic said, “The Guy Block in the Walvis basin is a strategic asset for Eco and our partners, Azinam and [the] Namibian Petroleum Corporation.

This 1,000 Km 2D program has allowed us to further focus our exploration and add to our existing seismic database on this block.” Work done by Brazilian company HRT will aid Eco Atlantic’s hopes of striking black gold explained Kinley. He said, “Our detailed analysis, assisted by the expert staff at Azinam, combined with the results of recent drilling in the region, has given us a new and more focused perspective of where to shoot our 3D survey.” HRT has conducted drilling in close proximity to potential oil blocks operated by Eco Atlantic. Added Kinley, “we received approval to tie this survey into the recently drilled wells of our neighbours, HRT, enabling both HRT and ourselves to better understand the basin. We engaged the same ship and crew to complete this work and we benefited from Azinam’s field management. Our confidence in establishing a resource is increasing as we progress the exploration.” Eco Atlantic seems to be making noticeable progress and is on schedule if tying in the developments with a work plan of its Guy Block. Resource and production assessments are expected to be completed by March 2017.

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