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Let them braai

Dear Sir,
As a pensioner and regular shopper at W & B here in Vineta Swakopmund, I have been disgusted at the avarice and greed of this company,come Fridays they have their workers making and selling braaivlies outside their shop.
This is a practice of our poor black people doing their best to supplement their income in an honest manner that I support even though my own income is limited, now you have this rich company begrudging these people the few dollars they generate,they seem to have forgotten that money will be spent buying meat boerewors, potatoes, flour and whatever else is required to produce the plates of food,and the profit may well be spent on groceries for their family’s could be at their own shop,the fact that the car park belongs to them so they can do as they want makes little justification in my eyes.
Why don’t they rather offer the space to sell on Fridays to those people with the stipulation that they purchase the ingredients at their shop, that way they all get a slice of the profit.
Just in passing, in this same shop at the check out I saw this young but somewhat overweight lady standing behind the till, I said to her why don’t you get a stool and sit down, she said that the company do not allow them to sit,that sounds very heartless to me to force people to stand all day,I would like to know their reasoning for this.
Mr D.Hill

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