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The little black dress event guides women through the journey of self-discovery

The little black dress event guides women through the journey of self-discovery

Around 50 women from all walks of recently attended an event hosted by Divas and Gents fitness under the theme ‘little black dress’ at Windhoek’s Marigold Hotel.

The event, a product of the creative thinking and work of 32-year-old Liezel Ndjaronguru, a health and fitness enthusiast, aimed to empower and inspire every girl child in her journey discovering herself.

During her opening remarks, Ndjaronguru explained why such platforms are so important for every woman. “’The Little Black Dress’ symbolizes the embodiment of powerful, confidence, strength and sophistication. Black is an incredibly strong color that’s why it’s often seen at formal and prestigious events it projects so much authority arousing people’s senses with elegance, sensuality and power. That is why I personally think this is a great theme for our event to always stand in our power to always project our strength and have a profound security and self-confidence and carry ourselves with class,” she said.

Marketing expert Marlize Maree delivered a powerful message around women and their femininity and owning their brand in every space they find themselves. “We can be amazing brands we can change people’s lives. Each of us have got that something special, we were born with that something special, we just have to find it,” she shared.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ester Kali engaged with the ladies in the audience and took them through her early childhood years, illustrating with so many examples of how her confidence was shattered.

“Confidence fuels positive energy that urges you to take action and allow you to follow your dream. I had a dream, and said I wanted to work for the bank to an extent I was told I was not able to and today I work and manage one. If you are confident in yourself, not even the sky is the limit.” sheadded.

In attendance, all of the women applauded the organizers for hosting this event. Various ladies encouraged this to be a regular event as it enlightens, informs and inspires women from all walks of life.

The ceremony was directed by founder of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt, who teamed up with Divas & Gents Fitness saying that its brand aligned with its core values. It’s such events that we collaborate with, that resonate the same goal and objective and it was just the natural thing to do, to merge forces with each other.

Founder and CEO of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt; Marketing Expert, Marlize Maree; Founder of Diva’s & Fitness, Liezel Ndjaronguru & Letshego Namibia CEO, Dr. Ester Kali.

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