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Manica money takes Sunshine teachers to Montessori

Manica money takes Sunshine teachers to Montessori

The Sunshine Centre for children with learning impairment caters for around 150 people, children with special educational needs included, and adults who require a protected working environment.

Assisting three of the teachers to attend the local Montessori Centre, Manica Group Namibia recently contributed N$100,000 for their education. Many of the teachers at the Sunshine also attended the Sunshine Centre themselves as children living with disabilities, indicating the need for specialist training for these teachers.

The Sunshine Centre started in 1996 caring for 9 children. Today this centre provides direct special educational and training services to 110 children and youth with different disabilities, and provides employment and support services to 20 protected workers with disabilities. The rest of the Sunshine family, 20 general workers, bring the Sunshine family to a total of 150 people.

At the handover of the bursaries, Sunshine Centre Director, Luzelle Lestrade expressed her gratitude saying that for a non-profit organisation every cent counts. “We really appreciate this donation. It will make a big impact in the lives of our children. We value Manica’s contribution and assistance throughout these years. It is heartwarming that a company turning 100 years has been making an impact in uplifting communities for so long.”

This donation forms part Manica’s Corporate Social Responsibility to support initiatives that encourage sustainability and job creation. Manica has supported the centre with various self sustaining initiatives in the past, including a vegetable garden and catering kitchen as well as supplies for their woodwork and sewing facilities.

From the left, Denine Majiedt, Rena Stephanus (Manica), Trudi van Rooyen (Manica), Gail Taukuheke (MoHSS/Sunshine), Luzelle Lestrade (Sunshine Centre Director), Barbara van Rooyen (Chairperson of the Board of Directors) and Adelaid Louw.


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