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Migratory red locusts decimate crops in Zambezi Region

Migratory red locusts decimate crops in Zambezi Region

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform’s Executive Director, Ndiyakupi Nghituwamata has issued a warning regarding the sporadic presence of African Migratory Red Locusts in Zambezi Region’s river field areas and Ohangwena Region, in the northern parts of the country.

In a statement released on Monday, Nghituwamata said as of 29 February, the destructive locusts have been sighted in the Zambezi Region, particularly at Lake Liambezi and old Masokotwani, wreaking havoc on maize crops.

“The locusts are reported to be in hopper and flying stages, respectively,” she said, adding that to date, about 10 hectares have been destroyed.

She added that farmers in surrounding areas, including Kapani, Old Masokotwani, Kanono, and many more villages, are urged to report any locust sightings promptly.

“As a result, the ministry has deployed extension officials to intensify surveillance to monitor and assess the situation and are advised to commence with ground spraying in the affected areas,” she said, adding that the ministry will continue assessing the situation to advance the required interventions to curb the further spread of the locusts.

Farmers meanwhile have been urged to be on alert and to report any presence of locusts to the nearest Agricultural Development Centers and Constituency offices. Furthermore, farmers are also advised to cooperate with the ministry’s officials during the spraying campaign, she added.


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