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Karel Kandjimi loves his new car which he won in a Letshego draw

Karel Kandjimi loves his new car which he won in a Letshego draw

The Rundu teacher who won a Polo Vivo in a Letshego Bank promotion, Karel Kandjimi, still cannot believe his good fortune, three months down the line.

The Polo was the grand prize in Letshego’s Transact and Win campaign. With the support of his family, friends and learners, Karel travelled to Windhoek where the took ownership of his brand new car.

“I felt welcomed by everyone, and I was immensely happy that my parents and family members supported me with their prayers throughout the competition and journey to Windhoek,” he said.

Three months after becoming the proud owner of the Polo, Karel looks back at all the positives that came from having his own car.

“Letshego has significantly improved my life as it is now much easier for me to get around without worrying about hefty transportation costs,” he said.

The win has shifted Karel’s perspective on life. He now sees life as an opportunity not just to receive but also to give back to others. Inspired by Letshego’s generosity, he is committed to extending the blessings he has received to his loved ones and community.

Karel was welcomed by an enthusiastic group of family and friends when he first arrived with his new Polo at Tondoro Primary School where he is a teacher.


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