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Unveiling the power of written goals: Insights from Economist Businesswoman Club Networking Breakfast

Unveiling the power of written goals: Insights from Economist Businesswoman Club Networking Breakfast

At a recent Economist Businesswoman Club networking breakfast, Terttu Uuyuni, Chairperson of STANLIB Namibia and Founder of TLM Training Consultants, delivered a compelling message about the significance of setting written goals for personal and professional success.

Addressing the audience, Uuyuni emphasized the transformative potential of clearly defined goals. She challenged attendees to reconsider their approach to goal-setting, asserting that goals without written documentation lack true commitment and direction.

She asked the ladies, what goals are and said 50% of the ladies did not know what goals were. “Goals are desired outcomes that can only happen if and when you do something different. It is a dream with a deadline,” she explained.

According to Uuyuni, having goals in life is significant because they can bring positive changes in one’s life. However, there could be several reasons why people fail to achieve their goals. Some of these reasons include unclear goals, setting inappropriate goals, having too many goals, lack of focus, inadequate skills to achieve the goals, or fear of fulfilling the goals.

Uuyuni said setting your goals is a skill, it is a decision that you need to make to learn how to make goals and realize them. “You should have smart goals. Meaning you should know why you have decided on certain goals, your goals should be written down, you need to identify your obstacles and deal with them and make sure that you have flexibility in your life to accommodate your goals,” she highlighted.

She advised the ladies to have an action plan on how they will achieve the goals they have set for themselves. “You should have someone that will hold you accountable for achieving your goals. Have an accountability partner, so that you are answerable to someone else besides yourself and review the progress that you have made,” she added.

She said your goals should be specific, they should be clearly stated, and well-defined, and they should be smart and measurable. “Your goals should be attainable and not far-fetched. It should be something that you can do, and it should be realistic, and aligned to you, knowing your values and life priorities. Are your goals relevant to you? So do not compare yourself with other people, stay in your lane,” she advised.

She said when setting your goals, you should have reasons for wanting to achieve those goals. “This should be your reasons, that are not influenced by somebody else. These reasons should be the motivating factor to achieving your goals, and discipline will keep you going,” she explained.

She said when you set your goals, it should be in positive language, that will motivate you to keep on going. “Put your goals into pictures, like on a vision board or as a screen saver of your phone. You should be intentional in achieving your goal because in your personal life, you do not have a boss, you are in charge of your life to achieve these goals,” she emphasized.
Uuyuni said to achieve your goals there needs to be an action plan. “You need to identify actionable steps. What you need to do to achieve specific goals. What can you do today to move towards achieving your goals? If you do not get into action now, you will not achieve your goals,” she added.

She said the next step is to review your progress. “Set a time and date to review your goals. And move to the next one, when you have achieved one. You should renew or adjust your goals every time you achieve them,” she said.

There might be good reasons that you have not achieved some of your goals. “Maybe your goals do not align with you anymore, therefore it is important to change your goals if they no longer fit with your destiny,” she explained.

You should have daily affirmations and a positive mindset. “Read positive material, to motivate you in the journey of achieving your goals. Attend motivational seminars. Exercise, drink a lot of water, eat well, and drink vitamins to keep your body functioning in this fast-paced life”

Be a motivation to yourself. “I give myself high fives every morning when I am brushing my teeth. It does not matter how yesterday was, today is the day to do it better and be proud of yourself for your achievements and for reaching the goals you have set for yourself. Celebrate yourself and have a sense of gratitude,” she concluded.

The Economist Businesswoman Club networking breakfast provided a platform for insightful discussions and empowerment, reaffirming the profound impact of goal-setting in driving individual success and fulfillment.


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