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Katuka provides the foundation on which careers are built

Katuka provides the foundation on which careers are built

The Katuka Mentorship Programme for 2024 officiallly started last week with orientation training for the record number of mentors and mentees. The training culminated in a combined session on Thursday 08 February where each mentee was matched to a specific mentor for this year.

Stressing the sponsor’s concern for women, Bank Windhoek’s Head of Strategic Communication, Hayley Allen said “The essence of what you are about to experience is authenticity. It is about building trust between mentor and mentee and understanding what each of you need to move forward and make an impact as Namibian women in business.”

She reminded the mentees that this is an opportunity for them to experience life-changing guidance from other women who selflessly gave back to their community, adding that she looks forward to hearing authentic stories of transformation and journeying together at the end of the programme.

Five mentees, Maano Shimanda, Beauty Katjina, Elizabeth Mbidi, Esther Hatutale and Angeline Shaningwa, said they are excited to be part of the programme and that they look forward to finding themselves growing their skills and enhancing their confidence. Shimanda is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the Social Security Commission, Katjina is in the teaching profession at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church School, and Mbidi is Head of the Accounting Development Fund at the Social Security Commission. Hatutale is a Marketing and Events Practitioner at NamWater and Shaningwa is an estate agent at Yellow Square Properties.

All the young professionals, especially Mbidi and Shaningwa, agreed that the Katuka Mentorship programme is a platform that cheers Namibian young women to be their best. “I needed some spark and motivation in my career. I believe this platform will help me achieve this goal,” said Mbidi. Shaningwa said that she is grateful to be part of the programme, which will assist her in reaching sales targets within the competitive property market.

The organiser of the Economist Businesswoman Projects, Desere Lundon-Muller, said the Programme empowers and encourages business and professional women to achieve their goals. She encouraged the participants to be flexible during the year, committed and in constant communication with each other. “Remember that you are the main actress in your life,” she said.

The Katuka Mentorship Programme has been running for the past 23 years. It has produced significant results in the careers of the participating mentees. Close to 500 entrepreneurs and businesswomen have completed the programme. “Kudos to Bank Windhoek for creating a platform for young corporate businesswomen to grow their careers and personal lives. I cannot wait to share my experience and insights once we complete the programme,” said Hatutale.


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