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Rössing and Mineworkers Union reach three-year salary agreement

Rössing and Mineworkers Union reach three-year salary agreement

Rössing Uranium and the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) Rössing Branch Executive Committee (BEC) have successfully concluded negotiations, securing salary increments for the years 2024, 2025, and 2026.

The signed three-year wage agreement, effective from 18 January, encompasses Bargaining Unit employees in Grades 1 to 11 and L Band.

Under the terms of the agreement, Grade 1 to 11 employees will receive a 6% increase in 2024, followed by 6% in 2025 and another 7% in 2026. Meanwhile, L-Band employees are set to receive a 7% increase in 2024, 6% in 2025, and 6% in 2026.

During the signing ceremony, Lana Maletzky, Rössing Uranium’s Employee Relations Advisor, expressed gratitude to the MUN Branch Executive team for their mature and constructive approach throughout the negotiations.

She emphasized that the agreement, securing increments for the next three years, represents a milestone with both parties demonstrating a shared understanding of the challenges facing the business. The parties have also committed to renewing procedural and related agreements within the next three months.

Stanslaus Iimbonde, MUN Rössing Branch Chairman, expressed appreciation to both parties for reaching an amicable solution. He stressed that as partners, their common goal is to ensure employees work in a conducive environment.

“The trade union is there to protect and advance the interests of its members by negotiating working conditions in the best interest of its members. We tried to conclude the wage negotiations in the shortest possible time and urge both parties to maintain mutual relations,” he noted.

In front-seated: Rössing Uranium’s Employee Relations Advisor Lana Maletzky with MUN Rössing Branch Chairman Stanslaus Limbondi captured after the salary increment signing agreement for three years. They are accompanied in the photo by the Rössing Uranium team that led the wage negotiation process and the Rössing Uranium’s MUN BEC leadership.


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