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Head of Private Banking says there is much room for women in financial services

Head of Private Banking says there is much room for women in financial services

As a role model, Trula Zoganas believes there is ample scope for young women to follow a career in banking.

As head of Private Banking at Nedbank, she is at the pinnacle of a 30-year career in banking. Through her work, she is adamant to send a strong message to women that they have equal opportunities in financial services. “Women in banking can succeed,” she commented.

Her work ethic and steadfastness have become the inspiration for her team, something she also appreciates in other people. “I am inspired by people who succeed against the odds. Their fighting spirit and perseverance to reach success despite the challenges, really inspires me,” she said adding that her own personal role model is her father whose exemplary guidance has carried her through her career.

Trula regards women in banking as the sector’s future. “As more and more women take up the reigns in leadership and create successful careers in banking, the industry is evolving and becoming more dynamic and in tune to the needs of clients,” she said.

“I do not give up on my dreams and goals, determination has brought me where I am today,” she mused.

Her leadership style drives excellence by building trust through communication and development. “I try and instil a culture of delivering distinct service not only to our clients but also our colleagues, it has a ripple effect and it is something that truly resonates with me,” she continued.

In terms of formal qualifications, Trula has an Honours in Business Administration, Banking and Finance. She has completed the University of Stellenbosch’s Management Development Programme and in 2017 she was honoured for her achievements as a finalist for the Namibian Businesswoman of the Year award.


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