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Paired hospital cooperation mechanism to advance healthcare launched in Walvis Bay

Paired hospital cooperation mechanism to advance healthcare launched in Walvis Bay

The launch of the Namibia- China paired hospital cooperation mechanism took place this week at Walvis Bay Hospital, accompanied by a generous donation of medical equipment from the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This initiative, by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s directive in June 2020, aims to establish 30 paired hospital collaborations between Chinese and African medical institutions, thereby advancing healthcare across the continent.

The donated equipment, valued at an estimated N$1.07 million, encompasses a range of essential medical devices. This includes a ventilator, patient monitor, defibrillation monitor, baby incubators, portable suctions, a telemedicine collaboration platform, a cloud imaging system, and various cutting-edge ICT equipment.

These contributions are anticipated to significantly bolster the healthcare capabilities of Walvis Bay Hospital and contribute to the overall enhancement of medical services in the region.

Chief Medical Officer of the Erongo Health Directorate, Leonard Kabongo in a statement, highlighted the collaborative effort between the two hospitals to implement medical projects to bolster the provision of high-quality healthcare services in Namibia.

“The projects will provide capacity building in intensive care, radiology, and emergency medicine to medical staff in Walvis Bay,” he said, noting that the first batch of staff had undergone training already.

Furthermore, the initiative also seeks to install a CT scan at Walvis Bay, anticipated to be operational by the first quarter of the upcoming year. Additionally, a telemedicine facility will be set up to facilitate collaboration between Walvis Bay and Hangzhou in China.

According to Kabango the Walvis Bay Hospital for the longest time was without a CT scan and all patients were referred to intermediate hospitals in the capital Windhoek.

Kabango lauded the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the donation which will support the establishment of a high-care unit and assist in effective patient management work.

The Economic Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia, Wei Jinming, who presided over the donation ceremony expressed his gratitude to the country’s health ministry and the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province for their active collaboration.

He also commended the two parties for their full cooperation, culminating in the successful launch of the China-Namibia paired hospital cooperation mechanism in Walvis Bay.

The event witnessed the presence of various Namibian officials, medical experts from both hospitals, the Chinese medical team, and distinguished guests.


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