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Gondwana campaign carries tourist safety to all corners

Gondwana campaign carries tourist safety to all corners

Gondwana Collection Namibia this week launched the “Tourism Heroes” initiative to reward, recognize, and support individuals and entities that play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, hospitality, kindness, care, and preservation of Namibian tourism.

The campaign wants to reduce violent incidents against tourists, instill a sense of Namibian pride and responsibility for tourist safety, foster community unity to create a safe and welcoming environment, and emphasize the economic importance of the tourism industry.

Gondwana demonstrated its dedication to this cause by contributing N$1 million, N$500,000 in cash, and N$500,000 in kind, through the Gondwana Care Trust.

Several cabinet ministers, Gondwana Collection representatives, and members of parliament attended the campaign’s launch on Tuesday in the National Assembly courtyard.

The Speaker, Prof Peter Katjavivi stated that such a campaign demonstrates the dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm of individuals who work persistently to make Namibia a sought-after destination for travellers from across the globe.

Despite facing adversity, these heroes and heroines have remained committed to ensuring that Namibia’s natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality continue to shine brightly, Katjavivi remarked.

“Our tourism industry has always been a vital pillar of our economy, creating much-needed employment opportunities, boosting local businesses, and showcasing our breathtaking landscapes. It is an industry that touches the lives of many, from the tour guides who share our stories with the world to the artisans who craft unique souvenirs and the conservationists who protect our precious wildlife,” he said.

“By recognizing and rewarding individuals who demonstrate exceptional care and support for tourists, often those who go unnoticed, we intend to make Namibia the preferred destination for tourists seeking to experience true African hospitality,” said Gys Joubert, Managing Director of the Gondwana Collection.

Furthermore, he emphasized that Gondwana believes in its ability to deliver authentic Namibian love, care, and hospitality when inviting guests. “Because those are the values that represent us as a nation. The kind of care we owe to one another. Crime is a scourge on the true Namibian spirit, and we must all work together to shun it. We also know that it has a disproportionate impact on our country’s poorest,” Joubert added.

Ndinelao Shikemeni, Marketing Manager of Gondwana Collection, and her team will coordinate the Tourism Heroes Campaign through the Gondwana Care Trust.



From the left,  Uncle Peter, the Tourism Heroes Award recipient, and Hon Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism at the official launch of Gondwana Collection Namibia’s Tourism Heroes Campaign at the Namibian Parliament.


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