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Joint trade fair for Omaruru, Karibib and Usakos

Joint trade fair for Omaruru, Karibib and Usakos

By Adolf Kaure.

The Erongo Governor, Neville André has launched a joint trade fair for the local authorities of Omaruru, Karibib and Usakos know as the Amalgamated Rotational Annual Festival (ARAF).

Speaking at the launch, André said that trade fairs are important as they not only enhance trade but also orientate consumers on the development and potential in the economy.

“It is from such exposure that we come to know more of who our producers are and what they produce, what their needs are to be able to grow and prosper, and what other potentials there are in the various sectors to be explored and exploited to the benefit of our citizens,” he said.

According to the regional governor, the private sector plays a role in distributing wealth to the country’s inhabitants. “Our people need jobs, they need income, food, education, good health and to enjoy other economic and social benefits.”

“Therefore, we need to create wealth, and distribute it equitably. The creation of wealth is a shared responsibility of [the] government and the private sector – whether they are big, medium or small enterprises they are all important for the growth of the economy and the creation of wealth,” said André.

The Erongo Region is endowed with many precious raw materials for value addition such as dimension stones, semi-precious stones and skins from animals and game just to mention a few.

André also said that events of this nature support the national efforts to diversify the economy.

“Central to this effort are the various policy measures being taken by the government, for Namibia to move away from high reliance on the production and trading of raw materials and also high reliance on imports.”

“Among these is the policy and programme for the development of small and medium enterprises and also the industrial policy and implementation strategy. ”

“This time around the government has also introduced the Growth at Home strategy, which drives home the point that as a country we should industrialise, we should add value to our raw materials and produce high value goods for our own consumption, and for export, and we should develop value chains so that the impact of interventions is maximized,” he said.

The event is being organised by Omaruru, Karibib, Usakos Local Authority Cooperation (OKULAC).


The three local authorities of Omaruru Municipality, Karibib Town Council and Usakos Town Council that are in close proximity of each other and presenting their competitive and comparative advantages mutually agreed to cooperate through signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which is known as, Omaruru, Karibib, Usakos Local Authority Cooperation known as OKULAC.

The memorandum makes provision for joint communication in matters pertaining to technical, economic, social, financial, human resources and governance cooperation while conforming to the respective by-laws and policies of the parties.

Part of the agreement included establishing the Amalgamated Rotational Annual Festival, the first to be hosted later this month in Omaruru from the 27th to the 30th.

Pictured at the ARAF launch, from the left, Davey van Wyk, Karibib Mayor, Neville André, Erongo Governor, Irene Simeon-Kurtz, Usakos Mayor, and Vincent Kahua, Omaruru Mayor. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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