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More wheels roll at Wheel-Ability

More wheels roll at Wheel-Ability

Basketball for paraplegics received a small boost when two American charities presented the Wheel-Ability Sports Club with two wheelchairs and a handcycle used by disabled athletes to participate in their favourite sport.
“We are so happy about the new equipment, it will help take our club to the next level,” said Agnes Hausiku, secretary and founding member of Wheel-Ability Sports Club.
The wheelchairs and handcycle were delivered to Wheel-Ability in Windhoek by Gregory Milano, a representative of the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP) Adaptive Sports and Inclusive Cycling International.
Milano said, “I am very pleased to have the opportunity not only to deliver this equipment, but also to meet the athletes who will be using it. I also hope the handcycle will help spark interest in this exciting and inclusive sport.”
The handover was witnessed by Michael Hamukwaya from the Paralympic Council. The official handover of the equipment was followed by a basketball match that attracted regular players as well as friends of the Wheel-Ability Sports Club.
James David, who runs a wheelchair basketball team in South Africa, joined in for the game. “Pastor James is a friend of Wheel-Ability and we are planning to bring in his team for a training camp and coaching clinic,” said team captain Roodly Gawaseb.
“Wheelchair basketball is a great workout for able-bodied people and wheelchair users alike, and we welcome everybody to join in,” invited coach and Biokineticist Bjorn Magg.
With the two additional wheelchairs the club now operates 14 sport wheelchairs. The handcycle will be used in fitness training and to create more awareness of disability sports. One of Wheel-Ability’s team members, Ricardo, will enter the upcoming Nedbank Cycle Challenge with the handcycle.
The Wheel-Ability basketball team practices every Sunday from 16:00 to 18:00 at the Basketball court in the Sam Nujoma Arena, behind the Windhoek Multipurpose Youth Centre on Bondell Street in Katutura.

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