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One aged black rhino up for sustainable hunting – Ministry invites companies to submit bids

One aged black rhino up for sustainable hunting – Ministry invites companies to submit bids

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) has one old post-reproductive male Black Rhinoceros available for sustainable hunting during the current hunting season (ending November 2023), within the provisions of the relevant national and international regulations.

Ministerial spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda in a statement said, the individual animal to be hunted will be determined by the MEFT and the hunt will be accompanied by MEFT officials.

“Rhinos, just as in any wildlife species in the country are a resource and according to the constitution and our conservation principles must be utilized to benefit the current and future generations of this country. Furthermore, old aged rhinos become non-reproductive in a population, and some will even cause territorial fights that may injure and cause mortalities to reproductive young bulls,” he said.

According to Muyunda, Namibia Tourism Board-registered Namibian companies, owned by or having in its employment a Namibian Professional Hunter (Big Game) registered with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism are invited to submit their written financial offers (in Namibia Dollars only). Offers should also indicate when they intend to conduct the hunting.

“A 20% discount will be given to companies with at least 20% ownership by formerly disadvantaged Namibians; and/or 10% discounts for companies with formerly disadvantaged Namibians at the Professional Hunter (Big Game) level,” he said.

Munda Smeanhwil said written financial offers in sealed envelopes should be deposited in a box at the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism Headquarters, Cnr Robert Mugabe and Dr Kenneth Kaunda Street, Permit Office reception, on or before 07 August 2023, not later than 13h00.

Full payment must be made into the Game Products Trust Fund Account (details to be provided to the successful company) and proof of payment must be submitted before or on 21 August 2023.

“Failure to do so will lead to automatic cancellation of the offer, and the next bidder in line will be given the offer. The funds generated from this hunt will be reinvested in rhino conservation particularly to fund anti-poaching initiatives and park infrastructure maintenance e.g. water holes, fencing amongst others. Those who wish to take part and require more details can contact Ms. Elly Hamunyela at 061 284 2526 or email: [email protected],” he concluded.


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