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National symbols bind Namibians together as one nation

National symbols bind Namibians together as one nation

By Adolf Kaure.

“As Namibians, national symbols remain an essential part of our national heritage and serve as a tangible reminder of our history, struggles, and triumphs through years of our heroic struggle for independence and nationhood.”

Speaking at the launch of the National Symbols Campaign in Swakopmund, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Hon Pey Mushelenga said that all citizens should treat the national flag and anthem with utmost respect and dignity.

The National Symbols campaign under the information ministry’s Nationhood and National Pride Programme, is designed to reinforce, promote and educate the public on the correct use of the national symbols and observation of the relevant standard protocols.

“As the custodian of the Nationhood and National Pride Programme, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has observed a lack of adherence and respect to [observe the] correct protocols and etiquette, particularly when it comes to the singing of the national anthem and hoisting of the national flag, which is the foundation of our national identity,” the minister continued.

“Our national flag is a thread that binds us together as a nation. Our national anthem, coat of arms and other symbols represent the ideals we strive for including freedom, unity and equality,” he said adding that these symbols create a sense of belonging and pride among citizens and allow them to express love and devotion to the country.

“The importance of national symbols cannot be overstated. Through the national symbols campaign, the government educates our citizens, especially young people, on their importance. Doing so will foster a greater sense of national pride and strengthen our identity as Namibians,” said Mushelenga.

Supporting the campaign’s rollout is a series of materials in various formats for broadcast, print and electronic media, in all the regions, in all local languages.

Mushelenga urged all citizens to support this national initiative by embracing this campaign and using our national symbols to show respect, honour and pride.

“Let us all stand together to promote nationhood and national pride as Namibians in our diversity for the love of our country.”

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Hon Peya Mushelenga (left) and the ministry’s Executive Director, Dr Audrin Mathe at the campaign launch.


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