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Paratus launches new packages as Equiano lights up

Paratus launches new packages as Equiano lights up

Having wholly overhauled its products and packages, Paratus has announced that it is giving its customers more value at the same price.

This is possible due to the activation of the Equiano subsea cable, for which Paratus built the landing station.

Equiano brings significantly more capacity to businesses and residences in Namibia and the Paratus packages are being relaunched to take advantage of faster speeds and more capacity.

Paratus has also radically rationalised and simplified its product and package options to make it easier for customers to choose their ideal solution.

MD of Paratus Namibia, Andrew Halls elaborated, “In essence, we are giving more capacity for the same price. So, for example, where a customer might’ve been paying an x-amount for a 10Mbps connection, they could expect to pay roughly the same for a 20Mbps line. It is going to make a huge difference to our customers’ enjoyment and freedom of using our range of services.”

The new packages have been streamlined for customers to choose the ideal solution for their needs. The old packages will be phased out, with the latest packages becoming available this month.

“We are able to give far more value to our customers because Equiano is now delivering faster speeds and far more capacity to Namibians, and we have taken this opportunity to assess our packages and to rationalize them in a bid to make it easier for our customers to choose what suits them best. With the activation of the Equiano subsea cable, upgraded packages will allow customers to enjoy an improved experience with Paratus’ services,” he concluded.

Barney Harmse, Executive Chairman – Paratus Group


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