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NovaNam bags unique award for crew certification

NovaNam bags unique award for crew certification

NovaNam has become the first company in the world to be awarded the Fairness, Integrity, Safety, and Health (FISH) Standard for Crew certification.

The entire NovaNam deep-sea fishing fleet (consisting of wet-fish and freezer factory deep-sea trawlers, including the recently newly built LALANDII 1, NOVANAM ONE and NOVANAM TWO) obtained the FISH Standard for Crew labour certificate, a statement released this week said.

The certification was awarded after the Bureau Veritas, conducted an audit by inspecting and evaluating the fleet under demanding standards and interviewing the crews.

The FISH Standard for Crew is an accredited, global, independent certification program, which assures that labour practices on vessels in wild capture fisheries are using ethical labour practices and provide for the proper treatment of crews.

FISH certifies fair and ethical labour compliance on board its fishing vessels, in which a crew of about 300 people works at NovaNam’s home port in Lüderitz as well as Walvis Bay.

FISH stands for 4 principles – being socially responsible labour practices and ethical behaviours, the establishment of fair conditions of service for all fishers, assurances of the safety and health of all fishers, and the provision of decent accommodations, water, and food.

These are part of the 28 criteria that ratify the correct compliance with international conventions and labour legislation on board.

The LALANDII 1, Captain Alrick Anickel, said that “the audit went well and was happy that such a system is introduced to monitor how the sea-going team is treated and what working conditions are in place”.

“Going to sea is our bread and butter, and we are happy with what NovaNam is giving us on board. We are well taken care of, and it feels like our second home,” Anickel said.

NovaNam Group Managing Director Edwin Kamatoto said with the FISH Standard for Crew certification, it is evident that the company was at the forefront of sustainability in its social aspect.

“We believe this internationally recognised FISH certification ensures that fishers are treated fairly, ethically, and responsibly. The safety and health of our people along with decent working conditions and fair wages are essential aspects of our culture as a company,” Kamatoto said.

He added that the FISH certification gives harvesters a way to demonstrate their commitment to fairness and responsibility to their stakeholders.

“The focus on the responsible treatment of workers is only increasing locally, regionally, and internationally, and stakeholders expect that seafood not only stems from environmentally sound and sustainable sources but is operated in socially responsible ways as well,” he said.

The NovaNam Group, the Namibian subsidiary of the seafood company Nueva Pescanova, has been operating in Namibia for 33 years.

It employs more than 2,300 people, including Nelago Kwedhi, Namibia’s first female trawler captain.

In 2022, NovaNam carried out a total of 111 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions aligned with UN SDGs.


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