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Copper bandits strike again in Cimbebasia

Copper bandits strike again in Cimbebasia

Pairs of underground copper cable (1900 pairs in all), were cut and stolen earlier this week in Windhoek’s Cimbebasia suburb, knocking out voice and data services to over 1,500 customers in the area.

The three 600 and 100 pair copper cables were stolen opposite the corner of Michelle McLean and Cobalt streets, affecting three street distribution cabinets (SDCs) located in Copper and Nickel streets, as well as the Shilunga SDC. The cable theft in the area is endemic and causes a lot of anger and frustration for business and resident customers.

The incident on Monday is the second of its kind in Cimbebasia this year. A 1000 pair copper cable was stolen at the corner of Mataman and Arimas streets on 5 January. The thieves broke the locks of two manholes to gain access to the cable. Between 500 and 800 business and residential customers were affected by the theft.

“Our Technicians are racing against the clock to have the cables repaired today. We sincerely apologise to all affected customers for the inconvenience caused,” Oiva Angula, Telecom Namibia’s spokesperson said.

In order to curb the recurrent incidents, the company offers reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of cable thieves, and is working with police to increase patrols and the use of security services.

CAPTION: Telecom Technician Dicky Visagie with technical assistant Haufiku Lukas busy splashing the Telecom cables along Michelle McLean street this morning. Four manholes were broken into, copper cables cut and ferried away by criminals.



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