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The dangers of illegal passenger transport operators locally

The dangers of illegal passenger transport operators locally

By Kalipi Aluvilu
Co-Founder | Operations Manager.

With the rise of ride-hailing apps, illegal passenger transport operators have become a growing problem in Namibia. Many of these operators are unlicensed, and unregulated, and they pose a serious risk to both passengers and the wider public.

The problem of illegal passenger transport operators has been brought to the forefront recently, following a string of incidents in which passengers were robbed, assaulted, or involved in accidents with unlicensed taxi drivers. These incidents have highlighted the dangers of using unregulated taxi and shuttle services, which can leave passengers vulnerable to a range of risks.

The issue of illegal passenger transport operators is not new to Namibia. It has been a problem for many years, with unlicensed operators offering rides for cheaper prices than licensed taxis and ride-hailing services. This practice has led to a situation where many people are willing to take the risk of using unregulated and uninsured (passenger liability insurance) transport, even though they know that they are putting themselves in danger.

To address this problem, authorities in Namibia are taking steps to crack down on illegal taxi and ride-hailing operators. The Namibia Police and Windhoek City Police have announced plans to increase the number of inspections and enforcement actions against unlicensed operators. This includes impounding vehicles that are found to be operating illegally, and imposing fines on drivers who are caught breaking the law. It is also cracking down on ride-hailing companies facilitating the proliferation of illegal operators on their apps.

The Namibian Police and Windhoek City Police have also urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any illegal taxi and ride-hailing operators to the authorities. They have advised passengers to only use licensed transport services and to avoid getting into any vehicles that do not display the correct permits or licenses.

The dangers of using unlicensed taxis and ride-hailing services are real, and they cannot be ignored. It is important for both passengers and the public at large to be aware of the risks posed by illegal passenger transport operators, and to take steps to protect themselves. By working together and supporting the efforts of the authorities, we can help to ensure that our roads are safer and our communities are better protected.

In conclusion, Namibian authorities must continue to take strong action against illegal passenger transport operators, and for members of the public to be aware of the risks involved in using these unlicensed services. With these efforts, we can work towards a safer and more secure future for all Namibians.


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