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NamRA introduces Temporary Import Permit for vehicles of non-SACU residents

NamRA introduces Temporary Import Permit for vehicles of non-SACU residents

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) has announced in a statement that all travellers, excluding tourists from SACU member countries, importing or driving a motor vehicle bearing a foreign registration number plate into Namibia are required to complete a Temporary Import Permit (TIP), effective from 23 January.

Head of Customs and Excise, Willbroad Poniso said a TIP is a legal document that allows motor vehicles with foreign number plates to be imported or driven in Namibia for a temporary period usually not exceeding ninety days. “This means that the motor vehicle must be exported or driven out of Namibia before the expiry date on the TIP,” added Poniso.

Poniso said  that they have observed a significant abuse of the temporary importation of motor vehicles during various operations and issues, therefore this information is to guide travelers on the directives to be employed for the completion of a TIP.

“In terms of section 2(5) read together with rebate items 490.50 and 490.90 of Schedule 4 to the Customs and Excise Act, there are three categories of persons who are required to apply for a TIP. Bona fide tourists coming into Namibia from non-SACU countries, Namibian citizens or permanent residents who are working or studying in a foreign country, and foreign nationals who have taken up employment or studies in Namibia,” added Poniso.

Poniso further explained that all travellers who are required to apply for a TIP must do so by completing the attached form NA307, which is available at the NamRA Dedicated Service Centre and all Customs regional offices countrywide as well as at all entry points.

“Travellers all also required to produce a valid passport, valid study or employment permit and a vehicle registration certificate or copies thereof,” he said.

He explained that a TIP is valid for the same period as an entry Visa for tourists which has a maximum of 90 days per annum for all including Namibian citizens and permanent residents. “A TIP may only be extended in writing with the approval of the Commissioner and motor vehicles exceeding the permissible limit may be detained”

Further, he said a temporary import declaration (IM5) must be completed in cases where a TIP has expired, or where the 90 days period has expired. In this case a provisional payment or bond guarantee, together with a minimum penalty of N$2 000 must be made by the person responsible.

“Travellers are informed that customs officers will conduct physical inspections to verify the information submitted and will be required to contact the Road Fund Administration  to verify the movement of motor vehicles in and out of the country,” he concluded.


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