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National Tour Guide Registration Database for the tourism industry launched

National Tour Guide Registration Database for the tourism industry launched

The Namibia Travel and Tourism Forum (NTTF), supported by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Tourism (MEFT) and Emerging Tourism Enterprises Association (ETEA), recently launched a National Tour Guide Registration Database for the local tourism industry.

In a statement on Wednesday, NTTF said this registration would bring a new level of organisation and opportunity to the industry. The Forum also said the database would provide several key benefits.

This includes providing tour guides with increased visibility and exposure to potential clients and also playing a crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of the tours offered in Namibia.

“With a centralized platform accessible to the public, clients will be able to find easily and book registered tour guides, increasing their chances of securing more business. Furthermore, by requiring tour guides to register and meet certain criteria, the database will provide a level of assurance for tourists that their guide is qualified and able to provide a high-quality experience,” reads the statement by the NTTF.

Accordingly, the registry will also provide a mechanism for tourists to give feedback and ratings on their experiences, which in turn will assist in promoting the best tour guides and improve the quality of the industry.

The Forum said regarding the standardization of the industry, the launch of the National Tour Guide Registration Database will pave the way for recognition and eventually lead to the regulation of tour guides. However, NTTF indicated that MEFT and other relevant entities will undertake the next steps once they have the database.

“Eventually, it will also help to standardize and professionalize the Namibian tourism industry. By having a set of criteria that tour guides must meet to register, the industry will be able to promote and maintain a high level of professionalism, quality, and safety.”

This standardization will also provide a clear and consistent level of service for tourists, helping to increase their confidence in the industry and ultimately driving growth and development, the Forum added.

Meanwhile, the registration database is being launched with the support of the ETEA, demonstrating a commitment to supporting and promoting the growth of small and emerging tourism businesses.

According to the Forum, by providing exposure and opportunities to tour guides and other small businesses, the database will help to foster a thriving and diverse tourism industry in Namibia.

However, the growth and development of the Namibian tourism industry will also bring significant benefits to the country’s economy, they added.

They also said by attracting more tourists to the country, the tourism industry will generate more revenue and create new jobs, helping to boost the economy and improve the standard of living for the people of Namibia.

Additionally, the Forum said the standardization and professionalization of the industry would help to promote Namibia as a top-quality tourist destination, further attracting more visitors and driving economic growth.

“The database launch marks an important step forward for the tourism industry and demonstrates a commitment to growth and development. All tour guides are encouraged to register on the platform at Those who are unable to fill out the form can also send their details to [email protected], where they would be entered into the database,” they concluded.


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