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Law Society council ready for new legal year

Law Society council ready for new legal year

Ileni Velikoshi, Pius Iikwambi, Aina Ndungula and Trevor Brockerhoff were elected as new councillors of the Law Society of Namibia, at its Annual General Meeting that took place on 21 October.

The four new councillors have been elected for a two-year period and will serve until the AGM of 2024.

The four existing councillors, elected in 2021, are Ndatega Asheela-Shikalepo, Suné de Klerk, Clive Kavendjii and Josefina Nekongo. Together, the eight councillors are responsible to conduct the affairs of the Law Society.

Mr Clive Kavendjii and Mrs Suné de Klerk were elected by the council at its constituent meeting immediately after the AGM, as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. Mr Kavendji has already served as acting Chair for a part of the current term after the resignation of the elected Chairman.

Seated, front, Clive Kavendjii (left), Chairperson, and Suné de Klerk, Vice-Chairperson. Standing, from the left, Pius Iikwambi, Josefina Nekongo, Ileni Velikoshi, Ndatega Asheela-Shikalepo, Aina Ndungula and Trevor Brockerhoff.

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