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Business analysis, an underestimated gem

Business analysis, an underestimated gem

Article by Tatenda Malunga
Senior Business Analyst and Software Bids Lead
Green Enterprise Solutions.

Business procedures are a vital component of every implementable business improvement. Without properly organized and documented business procedures and processes, routine organizational tasks like hiring, implementing a new information system, and providing customer service would be a nightmare.

Business analysis ensures that business processes are aligned with the business strategy and that the Business Strategy and IT Strategy are in sync. Business analysis guarantees that business processes are well structured, aligned to business goals and visions, and add value to the organisation.

Business analysis is categorized as the process of facilitating change in an organizational setting by outlining needs and suggesting remedies that benefit stakeholders. There are many aspects to it from; Quality assurance, digital transformation strategy, process mapping and documentation, process optimisation, gap analysis, change management, feasibility, and IT strategy. Business analysis, no matter the size of your organization, is essential for enhancing company performance and providing value to your stakeholders and customers.

A deeper understanding of business analysis helps organisations improve their operations and customer service. Although many of the solutions that are used in this process are digital and software-based, they can also incorporate various organisational changes. For instance, implementing a new policy or improving processes can involve planning and strategy. This process should be the basis for all business improvement and lays the foundation for growth in turnover, creating a dynamic and agile organisation.

Different organisational evaluation techniques are used in business analysis, including SWOT, PESTLE (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental), The five Whys, MOST, MoSCoW (Must or Should, Could or Would), and MOST (Mission, Objectives, Strategies), among others. Organizations can make strategic decisions based on the outcomes of these evaluation techniques. It is essential when embarking on this business improvement exercise and transformation you do so with the right experts to assist and successfully manage this transformation.

Business analysis provides numerous benefits. It helps organisations align their communication with all their stakeholders at all levels. The implementation of value-adding systems and establishing operational standards is another essential aspect. In addition to improving processes, it can also help them reduce their costs and improve their customer service.

One of the most important advantages of business analysis is its ability to perform an analysis of an organisation’s current state and prepare for the changes that need to happen in the future to make the business resilient and competitive.

Business analysts are change agents; they are experts who examine a company or organisation by recording its systems and/or processes, analysing its business model, spotting weaknesses, and coming up with solutions. Business analysts are adept at clearly comprehending and articulating complicated processes and business needs, and they assist stakeholders in comprehending their roles in achieving organisational objectives. Systems analysts, process engineers, process analysts, product managers, and requirements engineers are a few more names for business analysts. Business analysts either work as internal team members or are brought in as consultants. Green Enterprise Solutions has these experts and has served businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, in Namibia and further and further afield.

We have more than ten years of expertise in a variety of industries, including the government, SOEs, financial institutions, and the private sector. As a partner in the business transformation process, leveraging business analysis, we ensure that lasting improvement is made to your business.

Our business analysts identify the threats, challenges, and opportunities that a company is facing. This then forms the basis for the implementation and execution of the business processes. Always ensuring that every stakeholder is properly trained and up to speed as to how the processes can be successfully integrated into the existing business processes to improve the overall performance of the company in the long term.


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