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Unemployed graduate ventures into full-time farming

Unemployed graduate ventures into full-time farming

University of Namibia (UNAM) graduate, Omwene-Tupopila Haitula, age 31, did not get a job after graduating from UNAM, but he refused to be among the youth who sit idle doing nothing.

That is why he decided to venture into farming and make farming a business.

He founded the company ‘Tupo Namfood CC’, which started producing dairy products and marula oil and then in 2020, he diversified into poultry farming.

“I entered the market when I saw that there was a need for table eggs at my village in Mpungu-Vlei, as the residents would always buy them in Nkurenkuru or Rundu,” explained Haitula.

Haitula said he is a passionate and dedicated full-time poultry farmer, who runs a thriving poultry project in the backyard of his home at Lihaha village, just outside of Mpungu-Vlei in the Kavango West Region.

Tupo Namfood also sells traditional home-processed produce such as Omaadi Eengobe which is cow butter and Omashikwa, which is sour milk.

The country’s largest poultry producer, Namibia Poultry Industries has since called on all poultry producers in the country to grab the opportunity to show that Namibia can be self-sufficient and meet total local demand.


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