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TAC for Cape Fur seals during the 2022 fishing season set

TAC for Cape Fur seals during the 2022 fishing season set

The Cabinet has approved a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for Cape Fur seals to 60,000 pups and 8,000 bulls during the 2022 fishing season, according to the country’s 10th Cabinet resolutions released Thursday.

The seal harvesting season will commence on Friday 01 July, concluding on Nov.15, a statement from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology said.

According to the ministry, the pups will be divided in the ratio of 70:30 for the northern and southern colonies and the bulls will also be divided in a 70:30 ratio across both colonies.

Namibia harvests seals to control the population, as seals feed on fish species and challenge the availability of fish for export and local consumption, despite facing fierce criticism from international animal welfare organizations for the exercise.


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