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Please submit your application for the evaluation of your qualifications in a timely manner – NQA

Please submit your application for the evaluation of your qualifications in a timely manner – NQA

The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) has requested for the early submission of Evaluation of Qualifications from applicants.

NQA in a statement on 28 October said that they have noticed an escalation of requests for urgent evaluation of qualifications and because of this qualification holders often miss out on employability and access to additional training when opportunities arise.

Most employers now demand an NQA qualifications evaluation report during the recruitment process and training providers also request prospective students to submit evaluation reports before they can be granted admission for studies, therefore submitting your qualification for evaluation at the last minute does not give the NQA enough time to complete the applicant’s application for the evaluation of qualifications,” the NQA said.

The NQA strives to finalize applications within a shorter period of time, however, turnaround time is significantly influenced by the process to verify qualification awards, with specific reference to the time it takes foreign awarding bodies to respond to their verification requests

Upon submitting your application, you will normally be informed of progress and if we require additional documentation or information from applications, please ensure the respond promptly,” they added.

Even though the evaluation of qualifications is not compulsory, they strongly advised all qualification holders to submit their qualifications for evaluation as soon as they obtain them.

We also advise employers and training providers to always request prospective employees and students to submit evaluation reports for their qualifications and this process will contribute towards rooting out qualifications fraud and help to protect the integrity of Namibia’s education system,” said the NQA.

To help stop qualification fraud, one can report all types of fraud involving qualifications through the NQA Fraud Hotline 0800 411 411 or email at [email protected] and they guarantee total anonymity for all whistleblowers.

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