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Arandis Town Council visits City of Windhoek to simulate economic development

Arandis Town Council visits City of Windhoek to simulate economic development

The Mayor of Arandis Town, Erastus Kandenge together with the Arandis Town Council paid a courtesy call on the Windhoek Municipal Council this week.

The team came to learn from Windhoek particularly in the areas of innovative land delivery, economic development and parks, playgrounds, waste management and cemetery management, Kandenge said.

“Arandis used to be a mining town with most of its houses constructed by a mining company and the town council now needs to implement its own housing scheme hence the need for skills in this area,” he added.

Windhoek Mayor Dr Job Amupanda said they rejoined the Association of Local Authorities Namibia (ALAN) in order for local authorities to assist one another and find solutions collectively.

“We need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will outline the areas that we want to cooperate in,” he emphasised.

Amupanda also advised the Arandis team to look at ways that they can diversify the town’s economy and moving away from solely depending on mining.

Windhoek Municipal Council Management Committee Chairperson Ndeshihafela Larandja said many people are moving to Windhoek in search of better opportunities because there are limited opportunities in other towns.

She said this urban migration puts a lot of strain on them in terms of planning, budgeting and service delivery. “This is why Windhoek is eager to help other towns’ stimulate their economic development to provide opportunities for local communities,” she concluded.


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