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What are the consequences of smuggling reptiles? – Public talk to be hosted by Scientific Society

What are the consequences of smuggling reptiles? – Public talk to be hosted by Scientific Society

The Namibia Scientific Society will host a public talk on reptile smuggling in Namibia – challenges, issues concerning species, what has been achieved and the way forward, on 14 September at 19:00.

The Society said that a large number of reptiles are trafficked yearly, and many are directed to the international pet markets, including the collectors who keep exotic animals in private zoos as status symbols and some special ones even make it all the way to the world reptile shows.

“Apart from the financial gains involved in such trades, there are real problems at hand, which include, the massive suffering, species extinction, introduction to invasive species, loss of biodiversity, destruction of entire ecosystems and undermining the countries efforts to protect their natural resources, as a result of the unjust and anthropocentric abuse of power by humans,” they added.

The talk will focus on issues, challenges and achievements and actions in the Namibian context.

Senior conservation scientist with the Ministry of Environment, forestry and Tourism, conduction research in the north east of Namibia, Kandali Iiyambo will be part of the public talk.

She has a particular passion and a broad knowledge of reptile diversity in and around Namibia and has extensive knowledge and experience as a researcher and her interests extents from conservation biology indigenous knowledge systems, innovations and practices.

A limited number of participants are expected and prior booking must be done for those who physically want to attend in person, otherwise, online participation via zoom.


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