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Telecom Namibia “working around the clock” to restore service delivery

Telecom Namibia “working around the clock” to restore service delivery

Telecom Namibia CEO, Dr Stanley Shanapinda said they are working around the clock with international partners to ensure that all functionalities are fully restored to normalcy, following recent service interruptions.

In a statement issued this week, Telecom said on 15 July 2021, they experienced a service interruption on some fixed and mobile, data and voice services, as a result of a power outage at the Telecom Namibia Head Office in Windhoek.

Telecom said the power outage was triggered by failure of the two diverse AC supply feeds from the City of Windhoek which resulted in some of the fixed and mobile core systems to shut down.

“The shutdown of the Telecom Namibia’s mobile and core platform impacted TN’s ability to charge and bill for mobile voice (national and international) services. International calls from TN Mobile numbers are therefore currently barred. However, TN is offering free domestic calls to its customers. Due to the free calls, Telecom Namibia is experiencing congestion on the interconnect link between TN and MTC. This has led to service quality complaints,” Telecom stated.

Regarding the Black Friday sale, Telecom clarified that its customers that they were not misled.

“A sales promotion was held; however, the demand turned out to be more than what we had anticipated, especially with the Huawei P30 phones. However, customers were requested to leave their contact details, while TN acquired more phones. The phones were subsequently acquired and handed over to customers upon arrival. We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused and would like to show gratitude to our customers for their continued support and understanding,” Telecom said.

Telecom Namibia’s Board Chairperson, Melkizedek Uupindi, assured customers that the company is committed to ensuring improved service delivery.

“Telecom Namibia apologizes for the inconvenience caused and would like to assure its customers that we are committed and are working tirelessly to ensure improved service delivery,” Uupindi said.


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