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Local App wins best poster award at e-Business conference

Local App wins best poster award at e-Business conference

A local learning mobile application won the Best Poster Award at the 18th International Conference on e-Business, held earlier this month, the University of Namibia (UNAM) annouced this week.

Simon Namesho, Marketing Officer at UNAM said the android app ‘Lilonga-Nenyanyu’ is designed to help children to complement their knowledge in Mathematics and Oshindonga.

According to Namesho, the app was presented as a research paper at the conference titled, ‘An effective tool for Oshindonga Early Development Education: Lilonga-Nenyanyu Learning Mobile Application’, by its authors Caroline Mulundu, Victoria Hasheela-Mufeti and Maria Ntinda all from the Department of Computing, Mathematical and Statistical Science at UNAM.

“The study is aimed at investigating and exploring the development of learning on an android mobile application in a Namibian language known as Oshindonga, an Oshiwambo dialect, spoken in Northern Namibia and data has been primarily collected through an online survey from Oshindonga speaking parents and caregivers,” explained the authors.

The authors said they aimed for the app to provide children with the right tools to enable them to learn with much ease, therefore hoping that they will lean better in their native languages at their own pace as children grasp knowledge differently hence promoting independence.

“93% participants found the application usable, since most participants own smartphones, it makes it easier to instal the app enabling the children to learn,” they concluded.

Meanwhile, the paper will be indexed by Scopus, an abstract and citation database in the world of academia.


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