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EES hides codes worth N$500,000 in new music video

EES hides codes worth N$500,000 in new music video

Local artist EES has again released another song from his ‘Game Changer’ album called Best Combination. But that is not all, he has hidden codes in the music video which fans can search for and decode, for a chance to win lots and lots of money, in a bitcoin wallet.

EES said he is giving away the total amount of 1 bitcoin which is approximately N$500,000, which will motivate the viewers to search for the 12 pass code words.

According to EES he was approached by an anonymous donor who has been following his career, who wanted to help him get more exposure for his hard work and authenticity.

“The music video is an animation and it contains special hidden codes to a find the bitcoin, which is just on another level,” he added.

He explained that the song title, Best Combination refers to his ever inspiring and unique mix of culture, fashion and music he has created since the start of his so-called Nam Flava style.

“The music video is extremely colorful and very refreshing to see something this creative again in a world where plenty monotone music videos are being released on the daily,” he said.

EES advised his fans to watch his short animated explanation video on his social media and youtube channel, which explains exactly how to look for the special hidden codes.

“I wish everybody good luck on the epic Game Changer hunt, with the song that will surely make you dance and move while searching for codes, let the hunt begin,” concluded EES.


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