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Earthquake recorded in Damaraland section of Kunene region

Earthquake recorded in Damaraland section of Kunene region

An earthquake was recorded approximately 12 kilometers west of Kamanjab, 144 km southwest of Opuwo,  in the early hours of 24 May at 10:25, the Ministry of Mines and Energy confirmed.

Gloria Simubali, Deputy Executive Director of the Ministry said the event was recorded by seven seismic stations of the Namibian Seismology Network, which are Windhoek, Kamanjab, Opuwo, Rundu, Katima, Karibib and Aus.

“The earthquake registered a preliminary local magnitude (ML) of 4.9 as recorded by the Namibian Seismological Network at latitude (Y): -19.606 South, longitude (X): 14.958 East and was shallow at a depth of less than 15 km,” added Simubali.

She further stated that a team of geoscientific was dispatched to the field on 26 May to conduct an intensity survey of the earthquake.

She advised the public to go outside if they find themselves indoors, or to otherwise find refuge under a table if they find themselves indoors, during an earthquake.

“If you are outdoors, find a clear spot well clear of buildings, trees and power lines, stay and face away from windows and watch out for falling objects,” she concluded.


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