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Pakarae promises houses to Epukiro residents

Pakarae promises houses to Epukiro residents

The Epukiro Constituency held a meeting on 7 April with the community of Epukiro Post 3 settlement to discuss and provide feedback on issues related to settlement development, especially housing.

The meeting which was led by Piniel Pakarae, Regional Councillor for the Constituency was also attended by Ignatius Kariseb, Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Nguvauva; acting Regional Officer, Sophia Eises and management and staff of the regional council.

In his remarks Kariseb said he made it very clear in his acceptance speech when he was elected as Chairperson of the Regional Council last year, that he would make the housing a priority during his term.

“Therefore seeing today’s attendance is an indication that there is a huge need for housing in Epukiro,” he added.

Besides housing, the meeting also addressed some other issues including settlement layout and land management, roaming of livestock in the settlement, allocation of plots and land grabbing.

The meeting also talked about the issues of street lights, water supply, solid waste management and cleanliness, maintenance of the sewer reticulation system, constituency and settlement development committees, awarding of contracts, roads and finally, the renovation of the community hall.

Piniel Pakarae, Regional Councillor of Epukiro, talking to the community at Epukiro Post 3 settlement.

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