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Proverbs 31 woman in business – Three part mentorship programme to commence month-end

Proverbs 31 woman in business – Three part mentorship programme to commence month-end

By Ilke Platt

Founder of Poiyah Media.

Usually, one would read new years’ resolution thought articles this time of the year; however, has the pandemic changed the dialogue and outlook?

No, not at all but this time with more emphasis with Proverbs 31 taking center stage in all aspects when it comes to work, life, home, family and what is happening around the world. So, what is the twist you may ask? Well, there are several twists and inspirations drawn from Mike Murdock.

Unpacking each chapter through scripture, this book has one re-analyzing resolutions in the following categories such as pursuit in life, money, possessions, work, change, needs of others, decision making, self-worth, investment on inner appearance, household and many more to mention a few.

Every business woman or business man has their pursuit to happiness but the pandemic has shifted so much of our own will and power into scripture. May this extract not sound too philosophical but an alignment with goals and profound literature taken from one if not the oldest book that has ever been published.

“She is comfortable with money. She is confident without money,” Murdock places so much perspective on our immediate needs on starting 2021. As we observed so many retrenchments last year, our resolution to make more profit in our business and to acquire more should be revisited and perhaps be revised to maintain and be equally confident, if we no longer have that fixed salary but be content with what we’ve managed to keep during the pandemic. May this in no way restrict your ambition and new goals or targets set but a revision on practical resolutions if you were affected drastically in 2020.

“She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar,” hits home. Last year, there was an outcry for corporates to assist during the pandemic, let alone families required to help their loved ones that lost their jobs. So often the last thing on our list of resolutions is to become more involved with charity initiatives or to help the next. May circumstances not force us to give but become a habit to become more mindful of the next if we are in a position to do so. The smallest things we often take for granted could mean the world to those in less fortunate positions.

May each pursuit draw inspiration from the 31-day mentorship programme of wisdom published by Murdock and be seen as baby steps and small daily celebrations of our successes. Let us not allow any circumstances to determine our will and power, to accomplish what it destined on our journey in life.

Poiyah Media through its founder, will host its three part mentorship zoom sessions under the theme #Proverbs31womaninbusiness.

The first mentorship programme will commence on 30 January at 15H00 and interested participants are urged to inbox [email protected] to attend this session, free of charge.

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