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Anna Kapanna serves hamburgers, coffee and beer at Kapps Farm

Anna Kapanna serves hamburgers, coffee and beer at Kapps Farm

Necessity is the mother of invention and for Chris and Anna Sandman, this saying has never been truer than this year. When their car hire company hit a pothole from a lack of tourists, the inventive duo decided to go the local route, involving farmers and their produce, to open their own eatery under the banner Kapps Farmstall.

Long a favourite waterpoint for bikers and joggers, Kapps Farm lies at an interesting intersection. For most travellers, the most obvious feature is the police checkpoint on the main road but this is also the point where the road to Na’ankusê and Midgard Guest Farm splits off. Furthermore, for most people who make a day-outing, Hosea Kutako International Airport is not the only destination, – there are many interesting places to visit beyond Seeis.

These are the travellers the Sandman couple has in mind with their fare and their ware.

Their farmstall sells a range of fresh produce, all grown in the area by an assortment of farmers styling themselves as “Namibia Farmers Online.” The shop further offers jams, honey, fresh bread baked every day, beer, rusks and the most delectable home-made pies. And then there are the sumptuous meals, ordinary by name, but extravagant by looks and taste. The home-run is their classic burger which is big enough to share if you dare. This café-linked-shop also hosts an outside caravan selling meat and potato salad.

The farmstall stocks a small collection of curios which are more for tourists. These range from the well-known local artefacts to animal skins to shoes.

Anna said Kapps Farmstall is ideal for smaller events, from very informal to somewhat more structured. The catering is done on-site and she will be more than delighted to discuss the detail.

She can be contacted on +264 81 127 4285 or through their facebook page at


Anna Sandman and hubby Chris has taken over the eatery and shop at Kapps Farm, calling it Kapps Farmstall. It has build a reputation for impossible hamburgers, excellent coffee and icecold beer.




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