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Africa Oil and Power launches digital report to identify financing needs across the energy value chain

Africa Oil and Power launches digital report to identify financing needs across the energy value chain

Johannesburg — Africa Oil & Power has launched its Africa Energy Series: Africa Energy Finance 2020 special report, in a bid to help eliminate barriers to private sector participation and highlight key investment opportunities in power generation and infrastructure development.

As Africa’s energy investment needs total approximately US$300-$400 billion within the next decade, the report identifies a mix of public and private financing solutions that can catalyze institutional investment, with a view to bridging the financing gap and offsetting limited governmental capacity to fund large-scale projects in light of COVID-19.

The report serves as a tool for investors and African policymakers alike to identify financial, regulatory and capacity constraints to private investment, and provides proven strategies toward mitigating associated risk.

Successful case studies include the establishment of independent power producers in Kenya; the use of competitive auction in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement program; and the mobilization of multilateral lenders to back gas megaprojects like the Mozambique LNG Area 1 development, supported by an opinion piece from Nj Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

Dedicated exclusively to tackling issues of finance for a new decade of intra-African trade and investment, AOP will host the first-ever Energy Finance Forum, as part of the fifth edition of its flagship Africa Oil & Power conference and exhibition on October 5-7, 2021, in Cape Town.

Aligned with the vision of South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy and continental partners, the forum will offer a close-up on the continent’s investment environment post-COVID-19 and competitiveness on the global energy stage, under the theme “Invest Without Boundaries.”


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