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Lexus brings its 5-litre V8 sports coupé to the local market

Lexus brings its 5-litre V8 sports coupé to the local market

Lexus is bringing its top of the range street racer coupé to the local market to compete with other celebrities like the Jaguar F-type and the Ford Mustang. All three are exciting sports coupés powered by 5 litre V8s, and all three book impressive acceleration rates for production super cars.

Lexus South Africa announced this week it will officially launch its revised RD F range in the southern African market. This model has not been available previously through the Lexus / Toyota dealership network. Two derivatives, the RC F and the RC F Track Edition will find their way to the local market.

Describing the new release of their classic sports car as the ‘refreshed’ Lexus RC F range with race-bred styling, the company said both handling and design have been enhanced.

“Powered by a normally-aspirated 5-litre V8 engine, the latest iteration of the “F” sees a series of dramatic enhancements targeting reduced weight and even more dynamic handling,” stated Lexus.

In terms of styling the RC F Track Edition makes the stronger statement with a front lower spoiler and extensive use of carbon fibre body parts.

Pricewise, both models are for the discerning buyer. The RC F should set its owner back around N$1.5 million and the RC F just over N$2 million. In comparison, the Jag F-type retails around N$1.7 million while the Mustang is almost half the price at around N$850,000.


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