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Child Protection Act ensures the rights of every child

Child Protection Act ensures the rights of every child

The Ministry Of Gender Equality And Child Welfare Namibia on Monday announced the enforcement of the Child Care and Protection Act, Act 3 of 2015, which is regarded as a ground-breaking and historical moment to ensure that the rights of every child are met.

The ministry said the act is an opportunity to excel in the achievements made by Namibia to scale up with interventions that proved to have potential to benefit more children and create a platform for children and young people to engage the law makers on what and how issues affecting them and their aspirations should be programmed with them as partners.

The Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare said that the Child Care and Protection Act (No. 3 of 2015), was passed into law and commenced on 30 January this year.

The enactment of the long-awaited act replaces the old Children’s Act of 1960 and Children State Act of 2006.

The Child Care Protection Act provides a holistic approach to the care and protection of all children, irrespective of their background. It further articulates a need for a cross-sectoral cooperation on child related matters ranging from prevention and care to protection measures, through a National Advisory Council on Children.

UNICEF Namibia said in a statement, it remains fully committed to continue working with the Ministry Of Gender Equality And Child Welfare and all other stakeholders who are critical to the successful implementation of this act. UNICEF will continue to provide technical expertise to ensure that appropriate policies and actions are in place to address the gaps in the implementation process.


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