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Rural Women Parliament to kick off next week

Rural Women Parliament to kick off next week

The National Council will be hosting the 5th session of the Rural Women Parliament (RWP) with Male as Partners from 10 to 12 September 2018 under the theme, Positioning Rural Women for Economic Inclusion and Prosperity.

The event will have a total of 42 rural women and men will converge on Parliament Gardens, for the tree day deliberations with specific focus on, sub-themes themes like rural women and agriculture, rural women and politics, rural women in ICT and rural women and justice.

The project is a brainchild of Hon. Margaret Mensah-Williams, Chairperson of the National Council, which compositions the models that the Senior House has, where there are 42 members, three elected from each region through their respective Regional Councils.

Each region will be represented by two women and one male and the initiative feeds into the core mission of the institution, which reads as follows, ‘Enhancing Public Participation in the Law-Making Process.’

The organisers said this programme is thus aimed to hone the knowledge and understanding of parliamentary processes and practices by grass-root people and to aspire to create a platform for discourse on issues that impact rural citizens most.

Recommendations derived from this seating will be tabled in the National Council and forwarded to the various Ministries and Agencies of government for implementation.

The National Council through its Women Caucus is holding the meet in an effort to create a platform where pertinent issues of national concern affecting Namibians, especially women who reside in rural areas can be deliberated.

The session also offers an opportunity for people from the grass-root to discuss their challenges and share prospects, make recommendations and map the way forward for the betterment of their communities and the Namibian nation at large.

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