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City fathers urge residents to save water by taking weekly or daily meter readings

City fathers urge residents to save water by taking weekly or daily meter readings

The City of Windhoek released a statement this week on how to manage water consumption in order to mitigate water scarcity in the city.

The City fathers advised residents to be caring and to manage the water consumption by monitoring their normal consumption and evaluate the benefit of water efficient equipment as well as to identify leaks early and avoid surprise accounts.

“Unmanaged water leaks consume more water than can be saved through out a year, therefore be a caring citizen and manage water because this may save Windhoek from experiencing a serious water shortage,” the authorities added.

According to CoW residents should aslo verify leaks by monitoring the water meter during a time when no water is consumed, over a period of at least 5 to 10 minutes and if the water meter continues to run, you may have a serious water leak consumption.

The authority explained that to locate high consumption in case of no leakage, residents should take three to four reading during the day and note all water consumption activities during the appropriate period and continue with the process throughout the 7 day week.

“This identifies the activity with the high consumption and therefore actions to reduce the consumption or consider investing in water efficient equipment should be implemented,” they emphasised.

At the end of July 31, the municipal authorities declared that the water availability situation in the capital had become critical and mandatory water restrictions were going to be implemented accordingly.

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