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New tourism route in the Etosha, Khaudum and Waterberg triangle developed to attract more visitors

New tourism route in the Etosha, Khaudum and Waterberg triangle developed to attract more visitors

The Omuramba Meander route, a new regional tourism initiative in north-eastern central parts of the country’s is set to attract more visitors following assistance from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

According to the Omuranda Meander Committee, the only way to boost the routes was to establish 40 accommodations, activity providers, museums, arts and crafts markets and municipalities in the region.

Andre Neethling, Chairman of the Committee said the Omuramba Meander initiative serves to raise awareness for the variety of experiences the region has to offer.

“Our region is not only a great stop over en route between Windhoek and Etosha or the Zambezi region, but also a destination on its own inviting you to explore or as we like to say to meander,” he said.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development who is the initiator, contracted the non profit organisation Open Africa to develop the route.

Its aim is to ensure the increase the benefits from tourism for urban and rural communities and the Open Africa compiled information and photos of attraction and tourism products in the region and published it on its established web portal

In addition Open Africa produced information boards for eight locations such as Waterberg Plateau or Fisher’s Pan in Etosha which are referring to one another.

“There are also signs of the Omuramba Meander route at town entrances and at selected spots along roads and a brochure in digital and printed format is due to appear in time for high season in July,” he added.

Caption: Chairperson André Neethling (front, 2nd from left) with members of the Omuramba Meander committee after a meeting at the Alte Fort Museum in Grootfontein.

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