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Meatco producer prices at a record high

Meatco producer prices at a record high

Meatco has increased producer prices, which are now at their highest level ever, with prices currently ranging from N$40.95 for C-grades to N$46.95 for A-grades for 260kg carcasses.

With the recent price changes, Meatco now has equalised on the N$2.50 premium for all B-grades. In other words, all B-grades will now receive the announced price.

On the announced 0-grade prices, there is now an N$2 penalty on carcasses with a body conformation of below 3. In the same vein, the premium for 0-grades with a body conformation of 3 and above, no longer exists.

According to Meatco’s Acting CEO, Jannie Breytenbach, Meatco understands the looming drought that producers are faced with. “Therefore Meatco re-assures our valued producers that we are committed to keeping the livestock industry vibrant as an important segment to the Namibian economy,” he added.

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