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Self taught artist, Juliart to showcase exhibition at FNCC

Self taught artist, Juliart to showcase exhibition at FNCC

Self-taught artist, Julia Hango will present her solo exhibition ‘Manifestations of the self- A new chapter’ at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre from 26 February to 22 March. Entrance will be free of charge.

She will present the ever-changing intuitive mind in creation with art, the process and the forms that her manifestation has take over the last four years.

According to Hango, she creates her art work as souls, individual spirits born within the moment of creation and synchronicity, each being pregnant with their own potential, giving birth to new, improved versions of themselves

“Healing the viewer, celebrating the human experience, and creating future works in an aesthetic, original and vibrating work,” she explained.

She added that upon investigation into the nature of the mind one discovers that there is in actuality no independent entity that can be identified as the mind, it is the only word that denotes the ever changing flow of thoughts moving through one’s awareness.

“Trying to catch the mind is like trying to catch the wind, therefore the exhibition will not try to catch a pipe dream by only suggest an invitation to capture a few visions of it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hango is behind a shape-shifting work with a lot of visual and mental associations characterizing her creations, were several of images are put closer within only one.



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