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Meatco pays out N$1.9 million to producers

Meatco pays out N$1.9 million to producers

The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) paid a total of N$1.9 million for the fourth delivery period of 2017.

The amount was paid for the N$2.50 contract premiums to 84 producers who qualified for the fourth Delivery Agreement period which began from October to December 2017.

Meatco obtained a total of 3041 cattle which qualified for the premium during that period.

“Meatco would like to acknowledge producers for delivering cattle during the fourth period of 2017, which is traditionally an off-season,” Co-ordinator of Producer Services at the company, Koos Claassens said.

Meanwhile, producers have been given until Wednesday, 28 February to sign up for the second Delivery Agreement period, which will enable them to deliver cattle to Meatco from April through to June 2018.

Meatco during the 3rd Delivery Period paid out a total of N$5 816 449.95 to producers for 8 763 cattle that qualified for the period which ran from July to September 2017.

Additionally, payments of N$80,271.74 for the September 2017 Special Delivery Agreement were made to specific producers for 124 cattle delivered.

Meatco noted that the contract premium for 2018 remains N$2.50/kg. Producers are encouraged to sign contracts with Meatco for delivery in 2018, as only producers who sign a contract and deliver at least 90% of the contracted cattle will receive the contract premium of N$2.50/kg.



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