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Foreign students left stranded by Health Ministry

Foreign students left stranded by Health Ministry

By Elma Dienda

Secretary for Education, Popular Democratic Movement

The Popular Democratic Movement is deeply troubled to hear that over 50 local medical students studying at the First Moscow State Medical University in Russia have been temporarily financially excluded after the Ministry of Health and Social Services failed to honour commitments it has made to them and pay their tuition fees on time.

It beggars believe that despite the well-documented shortage of medical professionals in our country, the Ministry would allow a situation to materialize where our students are left stranded in a foreign country.

The fact that this all comes at a time when the Minister of Health has admitted that his Ministry has awarded between N$100 million and N$250 million in unprocedural tenders should come as no surprise.

It is truly sad that the victims of poor governance ethics and corrupt practices should those students who have selflessly sacrificed time away from their families in a foreign country so that they can come back and form part of the much needed Namibian health professionals.

The PDM demands that the Ministry of Health and Social Services immediately rectify the situation before the 30 day temporary expulsion period lapses and students who have spent many years abroad honing their skills are forced to return home with nothing to show for all the hours and effort they have already put into their studies.



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