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Best Mountainbikers of 2017 MTB Gravel & Dirt series named

Best Mountainbikers of 2017 MTB Gravel & Dirt series named

The Gravel & Dirt 2017 series for competitive mountainbikers were officially concluded last week with a ceremony where the winners for this year were announced.

In the Elite men’s category, the number one MTB athlete is Drikus Coetzee with Xavier Papo second and Hormeyr van Blerk third. Among the Elite female riders, Irene Steyn won the series with Michelle Vorster second and Michelle Doman third.

The MTB community celebrated their best achievements as all the winners in the various categories were announced.

Along with the race winners, all relevant sponsors and event organisers were also acknowledged for their support and enormous contributions. Special mention went to Nico Gericke of Namibia Breweries, Louis Peens of Food Lovers Market, Mannie Heymans, the president of the Namibian Cycling Federation, and his vice, Rolf Adrian.

Acknowledging the contribution from their co-sponsors, headline sponsor, Hollard, said “We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks once again to each and every one who actively played a role in making it possible for the 2017 series to be the success it was.”

Hollard stated that together with Raceday Events, they will continue to drive and support the Gravel & Dirt Series with Hollard already committed as main sponsor until 2019. “The growth and development that a series such as this offers the MTB community in Namibia is a crucial element in opening the doors for more and more riders to emerge and take the Namibian MTB name to newer heights,” Hollard stated.

Gravel & Dirt 2017 Series Results:

Men Half Marathon: 1. Justin Vosloo, 2. Yoshua Becker, 3. Dieter Koen.
Women Half Marathon: 1. Silke Bean, 2. Monique du Plessis, 3. Sigi Bassingthwaighte.
Grand Master Men: 1. Tony Bassingthwaighte, 2. Hercules Viljoen.
Master Women: 1. Karin Brockmann, 2. Elke Jagau.
Master Men: 1. Frank Snyman, 2. Hentie Hough, 3. Jan Matthys Nel.
Rhino: 1. André de Klerk, 2. Morné Honiball, 3. Volker Engling.
Veteran Women: 1. Wilmien Chamberlain, 2. Johanita de Waal, 3. Anneke Steenkamp.
Veteran Men: 1. Fanie Steenkamp, 2. Paul Zah, 3. Nick du Plessis.
Sub-veteran Women: 1. Jeanne Heunis, 2. Maike Bochert, 3. Marion Schönecke.
Sub-veteran Men: 1. Ingram Cuff, 2. Frikkie van Greunen, 3. Cobus Smit.
Elite Women: 1. Irene Steyn, 2. Michelle Vorster, 3. Michelle Doman.
Elite Men: 1. Drikus Coetzee, 2. Xavier Papo, 3. Hofmeyr van Blerk.
Top 5 Men full series: 1. Drikus Coetzee, 2. Xavier Papo, 3. Fanie Steenkamp, 4. Ingram Cuff, 5. André de Klerk.
Top 5 Women full series: 1. Irene Steyn, 2. Michelle Vorster, 3. Michelle Doman, 4. Jeanne Heunis, 5. Wilmien Chamberlain.

Pictured, from the left, Women Elite riders, Michelle Vorster and Irene Steyn, and Men Elite riders, Drikus Coetzee, Xavier Papo and Hofmeyr van Blerk.



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