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Deepsea boosts agricultural sector with 4.5 tonnes of fertilizers

Deepsea boosts agricultural sector with 4.5 tonnes of fertilizers

Local company, Deepsea Consolidated Investments pledged over N$560,000 worth of fertilizer to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in its efforts to ensure national food security, this week

One of the company’s key development areas is to increase agricultural productivity and output, and about 4540 kg of fertilizers was handed over to the Minister of Agriculture, John Mutorwa at a ceremony held in Windhoek.

“This consignment consists of Rizobact Humificator, Rizobact SP, BioDeposit Elixir and Lignohumate Concentrated Humic Product. The humificator assist with the decomposition of solid residues of crops in the field, turning into humus that will improve the soils structure which can increase the agronomic value of the soil,” said Manfred Draghoender of, Deep Sea Consolidated Investment during the hand over ceremony in Windhoek.

According to Draghoender Rizobact SP is a growing medium for reproduction of useful soil microflora while the BioDeposit is a natural humic concentrate of biologically active material and a sustainable water soluble plant growth enhancer. “Lignohumate is a highly efficient and practically feasible humic fertlilizer for seed soaking, plant watering and foliar dressing,” he added.

“We are convinced that this donation will support the MAWF in its mandate to promote, develop, manage and utilise agricultural resources in Namibia and your endless efforts in boosting agriculture production to achieve food security,” he added.

Caption: Hon. John Mutorwa receiving the Seeds and Fertilizer from Mr Manfred Draghoender, Deep Sea Consolidated Investment.



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