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January should not be a month of financial worry

January should not be a month of financial worry

Earlier this year, one of the local newspapers carried a story accompanied by a picture of mostly women standing in a long queue at a cash loan. As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and the story that picture told was a painful one. A story of how the majority of us tend to party up a storm spending a lot of money during the festive season without giving a moment’s thought on how we might get through January.

So bad is our financial state during the first month of the year that we have renamed the month to Januworry in what appears to be an attempt for us to comfort our careless ways.

So once again the festive season is soon upon us and while many might tell you to save for the festive season and rightfully so, we need to develop a culture of saving but more especially for those critical months.

And how critical a month January is. Whether you are a parent with kids with a long list of stationary, an official studying part-time at a university or just one of those people just looking for a fresh start in the new year, how you spend your money in December will affect how you get through January.

Invest in a unit trust – one of the best ways to save money is by investing in a unit trust. It does not require huge investments and you can start your investment from a little as N$200.00. In addition you get interest on your investment over time.

Save that December bonus – a lot of companies reward their employees with a Christmas bonus but instead of blowing the cash, rather put it away for January.

Avoid the unplanned – while something’s are unavoidable an unplanned trip with the girls to Cape Town will hurt your wallet. So make a plan of all the things you want to do during the holidays, budget for them and stick to your budget.

Have a Christmas potluck – it’s the season to be merry but always be mindful of where your money is going. One sure way to save money is having Christmas potluck (bring and braai) dinners where everyone brings something to the table to share.

Target the Christmas specials – the festive season is filled with Christmas specials but a sure way to ensure you benefit from these specials is to compare prices of one shop to another. Don’t get excited by the “for sale” sign when the item could be even cheaper elsewhere.

Pay Cash – paying cash for items is one of the best ways to track your money because you see it leaving your hands. The idea with paying cash is to set a limit of how much you plan to spend, withdrawing that and only spending that money.

However you plan to spend your holiday, no matter how much you spend, make sure you don’t fall victim to Januworry. Contact your nearest Sanlman office to find out how you can develop a culture of saving today. While you plan your vacation, remember January.

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