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DW Akademie opens office in Windhoek

DW Akademie opens office in Windhoek

Media development organisation, DW Akademie, has opened an office in Windhoek, to strengthen its work in international media development and this will be the third office in Africa.

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organisation for media development and for more than 25 years, DW Akademie has implemented projects in Namibia focusing on media development in rural areas and enabling young citizens to make their voices heard.

As such, DW Akademie qualifies journalists, encourages networking activities and raises awareness for rural issues. Furthermore, DW Akademie has been developing new media formats, establishing civic media, and enhancing media competences of young people.

Dani Leese will head the Windhoek office, which has now been officially inaugurated, “We have been looking forward to this day for weeks so that we can show what we have built up here: Structures and networks which provide a solid basis for the sustainable implementation of our projects”.

Ute Schaeffer, head of media development at DW Akademie said “We want to support young Namibians to actively use media and thereby bringing attention their causes. At the same time, we qualify journalists and support civic media. Free and professional media are an important lever for development in the entire country.”

DW Akademie co-operates with well-established partners such as the Namibian Community Broadcasters’ Network (NCBN), a network of civic media in the country, as well as the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). In addition, DW Akademie works with the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) to promote transparency and media freedom in Southern Africa

Media professionals all over the world benefit from DW Akademie projects and trainings: journalists, information specialists, engineers and managers equally. DW Akademie trains and consults to partners with comprehensive and long-term measures in 50 countries worldwide. Former workshop participants make use of their experiences and knowledge gained through DW Akademie in their journalistic routines.

Caption: Country Representative, Dani Leese

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